Our Staff

Deborah (Debbie) Williams, our Director of Office Operations, is no stranger to hard work. She has spent over 40 years working for some of the top corporations in Alexandria. She joined Gentile Financial Group in April 2017 and easily stepped into the position. Debbie is an unflappable employee, deftly handling sensitive issues.  Always ready to learn more, Debbie adapted well to her new environment, quickly picking up the nuances of the insurance business.  She has enjoyed the variety in her new position and appreciates that there is never a dull day!

Debbie was born in the old Alexandria hospital that was formerly located just across the street from Gentile Financial Group. Raised in Alexandria, she is quite familiar with the area and many locals. When she is not working, Debbie enjoys traveling, especially to Hawaii and spending time with her daughter.


Deirdre (DeeDee) Stamper is no stranger to the Alexandria area. Born and raised in Old Town Alexandria, she attended the former St Mary’s Academy where she made a life-long friend, Rose Gentile. 

DeeDee joined her family’s business, an upscale clothing boutique, Nuevo Mundo, and thrived in the retail industry. She handled everything from management to buying to accounting. Dee Dee has brought her extensive business background to her new position at the Gentile Financial Group and is enjoying her new administrative and customer service role. When she is not working, Dee Dee reads, travels and enjoys quiet walks along the beautiful streets of historic Old Town Alexandria.


In Memoriam

Our dear Emma Lou Miller, trusted friend and long-time employee, passed away after her struggle with cancer. We already miss her deeply. Many of you spoke with her on the phone as she efficiently and patiently took care of issues both big and small.  She was the face of our business, the first person that you met when you arrived at the office. To the rest of us, she was a close friend as well as co-worker. She loved to talk about sports. She never missed a birthday, always making a special pie. She remembered our children’s events and shared in their joys and opportunities. We heard about how special family was to her, especially about how proud she was of each of her grandchildren. We felt like a part of her family as well.  She is and always will be deeply missed. We are proud to have known her.  Peace, Emma Lou.